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Dwayne Becknell - Owner/Designer

It all began with a dare.  He already had a lifetime of experience with machines and their inner workings, holding 7 U.S. patents and a wealth of understanding for sheet metal and electricity.  But, Dwayne Becknell is not your typical engineer.  There existed a strong undercurrent, an urge to design and create, not only machines, but also three-dimensional artwork.  After several years fabricating stainless steel sculpture, the challenge was presented:  “Betcha can’t make a stainless steel guitar.” And so it began.


Since the year 2000, a tremendous amount of knowledge has been acquired with all the various projects Dwayne has been commissioned to engineer and produce for professional performing artists. The creation of metal electric guitars morphed into making acoustic electric instruments, some with fiber optic fretboards, others with carbon fiber necks, and some with LED lighting within the instrument itself.  Surrounded by professional musicians, he resides on the outskirts of Nashville, TN, and consults many of them when plunging into a new project. He thrives on a challenge and always continues to build upon his experience.  His guitars are used upon stages around the world and have sold for up to $10,000. He is honored to be included in Brian May’s Red Special:  The Story of the Home-made Guitar That Rocked Queen and the World. 


As a natural extension of being a luthier, his work has evolved to include making soundhole inserts (also known as feedback busters).  These inserts serve to adorn and enhance acoustic guitars while effectively reducing feedback for artists using amplification.  Dwayne has of course, engineered them to be lightweight, yet strong. Many include band logos, meaningful images or symbols, and intricately inlaid abalone shell. They fit most dreadnought guitars with a 3 7/8-4” inside diameter and install easily without the use of tools. A high-density foam plug is available for those artists that deal with feedback issues while performing.  If not needed, the plug can simply be removed.


With 25 years of CAD experience, Dwayne’s passion for design fuels his motivation for the next project.  He welcomes custom work with clients, but is happy to recreate any of his stock designs.  Whether it be for professional guitar players, amateurs, or for someone looking to gift a guitar-playing friend, contact Dwayne for your soundhole inserts.