This design is based on a parchment rosette created by the 16th century luthier Da Pesaro. It is cut from multiple layers of vellum to create a delicate 3D
pattern This insert offers light feedback reduction. This insert will fit most standard size guitars with a 3 7/8" to 4" inside diameter. The wood in the picture is quarter-sawn walnut. It is available in other woods. Wood color and grain can vary.

Da Pesaro

  • Lacuna Acoustic Art designer inserts are made from 3-ply quality woods. (apprx. 3/8" thickness) Each insert is fitted around the inside diameter with extra-resilient Poron Foam mounting pads. These hold the insert sturdy in place and safe against your acoustic guitar's soundhole finish.

  • For added Feedback Protection: See the "Add-On" section of this website for our Lacuna Acoustic ArtSealing Plug